Information about materials and seals.

UV Printing on Glass

It is an excellent product used in decoration. UV radiation can be partially or completely applied to the glass without additional material on the glass.

UV Printing on Plexi

The most important finishing materials. Due to its quality and transparency, Plexin is the most widely used advertising material in an easy environment due to its full transparency.

UV Printing on Forex

As you know, Forex is one of the most popular promotional materials in the advertising industry. Ultraviolet machines were exposed to foil in the open air or at home using digital printing machines until widespread. In addition to the advanced quality of pressure, plasters were newcomers, foams and sparks were expected.

Printing on the Skin

The systems were very practical in parallel with technological advances. Currently, you can print directly on the skin with the help of advanced UV printing machines. There is also image quality!

Easy Textile Printing

Lightweight knitted LED boxes (textile panels, textile boxes, light boxes) were one of the most popular applications of tapestries. Compared to classic panels, the more practical, non-sparing and easily changing light woven printed panels are also very successful in performance. The Berger fabric provides a magnificent appearance with light lighting.

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